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Park Info

Our Neighbours – North Enfield Cricket Club

Cricket players wanted North Enfield Cricket Club are in the North West corner of Hilly Fields park, the entrance is off Strayfield Rd.
They are looking for new players, so if you fancy a game get in touch.
They also run Colts sessions on Wednesday evenings.

Cricket players wanted

Countryside Conservation Groups

alt Enfield Council supports Groundforce and ECV – both carry out tasks in Hilly Fields.
Enfield Conservation Volunteers – meets on Sundays – visit E.C.V. website
Groundforce – meets on Wednesdays – visit Groundforce website

Turkey Brook Water Testing

alt Thames21visit Thames21 website – have trained local volunteers to regularly monitor and report on water quality in Enfields Rivers including Turkey Brook which runs through Hilly Fields. Recent incidents in Hilly Fields include high nitrate levels (probably caused by fertilizer run-off) and the killing of many fish as a result of a fire at nearby Rectory Farm.Visit our water testing photo album

The Greenway

alt Enfield Council have received funding for a “Greenway” route through Hilly Fields and Forty Hall Park.
2012 Greenway_Map
2012 Greenway_Report
Photos of the Greenway

Older Park News

alt View previous Friends of Hilly Fields reports:-
2010 News from the Park
2008 Chairman’s Report